Restoring Damaged Furniture

Furniture is subject to wear and tear everyday. No matter how careful we are while using furniture it does get damaged. Here are a few tips on how to restore furniture and remove simple small damages.

  • When the furniture is damaged by water, dry the piece properly by putting it in a warm area with steady temperature and good air circulation. If the area is too hot the wood will crack, as it will dry rapidly. If the area is cold then the wood will dry slowly and mold can grow on the wood. Dry the piece as soon as water damage occurs. Do not delay, as water will seep through the wood causing more damage.
  • Remove white spots using a buffing solution made of toothpaste and baking soda, by mixing them in equal quantities. Wet a clean cotton cloth in this solution and rub on the area. Then buff the area with another cloth. If this does not remove the spots then hire a professional to remove it.
  • Black spots on furniture shows that water has seeped through the finish, into the wood and has lead to the growth of mildew. Strip the finish and bleach the wood to kill the mildew and then reapply finish. Sometimes professional help may be needed.
  • For furniture with buckled veneer using a hypodermic syringe needle inject based blue diluted with 10 percent water between the furniture base and the buckled veneer. Fasten veneer to the piece using plastic sheet with a block of wood on top of the veneer. Allow it to dry well before removing the block.
  • Furniture that has been damaged by fire and has small-localized burns restore by applying profession refinisher to the area with a swab of cotton. Remove burnt piece with penknife. Apply clear finish to the area in small quantities until the area matches the rest of the furniture.
  • To remove the smell of smoke from drawers or cabinet, put air freshener inside the furniture. The wood will absorb the perfume of the freshener.

teak furniture from indonesia

We use solid teak wood from teak plantations

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